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    Reader opens as blank just by pointing the mouse at it

      This occurs with W2k and XP but not with ME.

      2 computers Hp pavilion and Intel Desktop Boards both 2000 vintage

      I have single click to open and hover to highlight and underline

      Every other icon works as it should but not the Reader icon

      This has been going on for about 6 months now

      It is frustrating because right clicking and closing the program from the

      task bar will close it, but because the icon remains selected (highlighted)

      it will re-open the blank page(repeat)within 1 second of closing.

      I am forced to IMMEDIATELY click another icon (thus opening another

      program, eg text document) to get Reader to stay closed.

      I have tried repairing, uninstalling, reinstalling, trying different

      versions of Reader, but so far no luck on these 2 systems. Windows ME

      seems to be OK.

      Could it be a graphics card issue? I just deleted Flash player 10 and

      guess what, it solved the problem. ( I had also emptied the Tray of programs)

      However on an immediate reboot the system went into an auto disk check and

      stated that it had corrected something that was wrong.

      I immediately went to the same reader icon and the problem has returned as

      before. Ideas Anyone?

      Thank you, Brian.