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    Adobe Readers Crash


      I have a problem with Adobe Readers 8 and 9.
      For same files (e.g. IRS p547.pdf, downloaded from www.irs.gov)
      I can read and move from page to page for a while. All of sudden, instead of transition to the next page I get a message "AR have encountered a problem and will close."
      The Windows Event Log file in Applications folder says:
      "Event ID 1000. Fault app. acrobat32.exe module agm.dll address 0x000112b0."
      Debugging implies that it is an access violation.

      Computer HP Pavilion a320n 1 GB memory 80 GB HD
      OS Windows XP Home SP3

      I hope somebody knows what does it mean and a work around it.

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          Hi George,

          Sounds like the file might be corrupt. I'd try re-downloading it, and if it does crash again, it might be easier to uninstall all your adobe applications, then download and install the latest adobe reader.

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            Hi George,

            Have you found a solution to your problem? Review this and see if this will help. Very similar problem involving agm.dll


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