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    Opening PDF Files In Adobe Reader Freezes Computer

      When I open ANY pdf file in Reader, Reader:

      1. Opens the document
      2. Hangs for a couple of seconds*
      3. Returns to the document

      * By "hangs", I mean the mouse cursor completely disappears and the PC , as if Reader is doing a virus check or something. If ANYTHING happens on the PC during this 2-5 second window, the entire computer freezes and locks up for good, and MUST be turned off and back on - this is frying my hard drives!! I've replaced two already!!

      What is Reader doing during this few-second pause? Why can't I use the PC for anything else during this pause, including background tasks? I have to close EVERYTHING else down to open a pdf file, and most of the time that does not even work.

      Any ideas? Thank you!