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    problem with opening PDF files

      We have just received new Dell computers with Windows XP SP3. I am epxeriencing strange problems on one of the computer. I have created three CDs with the same pdf file. When I open file from one CD using Acrobat Reader 9, replace CD and I am trying to open the same document on second CD I am getting strange results. Image on the first page is not displaying properly, I am getting messages about missing data, corruption etc. When I will close this computer, restart it and use this second CD to read this trouble file it is reading it just fine. I think Acrobat Reader may be using some sort of cache to speed the reading process and when CDs are replaced the caching process does not work right. I have looked into the preferences and toggled some of them trying to fix this strange problem but nothing has worked so far. What is happening ? How I can make it working. It is happening on one computer only. The same CDs accessed on other identical computers are working fine.

      Thanks for help