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    PDF printing incorrectly (unintentional cropping and scaling)

      An 11x17 PDF prints correctly from 3 different computers in our office. It prints incorrectly from MY computer, as well as our client's computer in a different office. Although the PDF looks perfectly fine on the screen in Adobe Reader, the print scales itself to be larger (or smaller) than its supposed to be, causing unnecessary cropping (or extra white space) in the printed image.

      The computers that are able to print it correctly sent the PDF to the same printer that my computer did. Also, at least 1 of these computers has the same version of Adobe Reader as mine (7.0), and was using the SAME EXACT print settings when sending it to the printer:

      Choose paper source by PDF size was checked.
      Page Scaling was set to None.

      I do not know the Reader version or settings of my client's computer.

      I do not know if this matters, but the PDF was created through AutoCAD using an Adobe plotter that creates a PDF of the layout/paperspace.

      What can possibly account for the radical differences in prints from the SAME PDF?