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    Suddenly I have a SAVE AS PROMPT!!!!!

      We have Adobe 5.1 reader and Adobe 6 professional. For years I would send my Ms Access reprot to the: 'Adobe' printer. It was an indentified port (a location on our share) where all output would go. Well, all of a sudden it prompts me to save the file; or not. Click: YES to save and it says to insert disks...click CANCEL and you see the file written to the appropriate location. What the heck is going on and how do I get rid of this prompt. I saw a "Prompt for Adobe file name' check box under Adobe PDF Setting and unchecked it, rebooted etc but it still is occurring. I never had to mess around in here before.
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          I have reinstalled Adbe...no matter what I do it prompts as to where to save the file. IT NEVER DID THIS!!!! I just want it to write the file to the 'port' I have identified under the printer settings properties for Adobe. I removed the PROMPT check mark from the box under that setting...still prompts!!!!!

          Help...I may have to ditch Adobe for another proudct and I really do not want to!!!

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            Since you didn't provide the operating system, I will simply suggest to check your system default printer. In your printer control panel, it will be the one with a visible check mark on it. List each item here if you don't immediately find the problem.

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              after re-install...it defaulted to send Adobe stuff to my C drive. I know how to alter this to go to the share. It STILL prompts me EVERY time though with the SAVE AS / CANCEL option. Again, hit CANCEL and it converts and writes to the correct place. Hit SAVE AS and it says: Unable to find Adbove PDF resource files....C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Adobe PDF 6.0\Settings\Adobe PDF Converter.joboptions. Do you want to run the installer in repair mode.

              I put my disc in an d say YES...it repairs but does not alleviate the situation.

              I just want the prompt gone. We have automation that regularly would burst an Access report into 400 pages, each its own file.. Having the sit here and click CANCEL 400 times is getting old. This used to work with no problems for 3 years!