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    Update Acrobat Reader [v9.0] via Command Line

    Robert Lindholm

      I would like to be able to "push" the APSA09-01 patch to clients via the command line [when it is released].

      In the past, I have had to apply similar updates either by "sneakernet" or by logging in remotely via Windows RDP.

      I don't have any software distribution management tools [e.g. SMS], but have found a way [with other apps] to apply basic patches and updates.

      I've looked at and tested the Adobe Customization wizard, which looks like it could be extremely useful for performing fresh installs and updating major releases, but am not sure it would be the best tool for a security update, although if it is, please let me know how I could implement it.

      Essentially I have two questions:

      1) Will Adobe make this update available in a distributable format?

      2) Will there be a way to apply/install this update via the command line?

      Any constructive suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      I've looked in the FAQ, top answers, knowledgebase, and coomunity support areas first, but didn't see any relevant information regarding this issue; also, if there is a more appropriate forum group to post this to issue to, please let me know.