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    Adobe Reader 9 - PDF File type only recognized for Admins not Users

      After I have installed Adobe Reader 9, I noticed that my users could not open PDF files directly. A window opens instead and is asking them to pick a program to use to view the file. So immeditatly I goto Tools> Folder Options >File Types but .PDF file type is not listed as an option and it will not recognize Adobe Reader 9 even if you select it.

      However, if I login with my account (Admin) settings, I can open any PDF file I want. Apparently Adobe has a permissions setting that will not allow Domain Users access to and PDF files. So I have uninstalled Adobe 9 and re-installed Adobe 8 but now this permissions issue still exist for a couple of my users.

      I have never had any problems like this until I had installed Adobe reader 9 for 6 of my users. This problem went away after I uninstalled Reader9 and downgraded to Reader8. 2 Users still have this issue though, even with Reader8 in which this never occurred when they previously had Reader8.