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    Adobe Freezing (Yes another thread).


      First off let me say I'm a Software Developer and that malarkey about temporary files causing Reader to freeze is a load of cobblers.

      If I open Acrobat Reader on my home PC, work PC or laptop it freezes about 30-60 seconds after opening. It doesn't matter if I open a file from Windows Explorer, by clicking a link in IE or FireFox or even if I just open the Reader application itself from the Start Menu with no file loaded. The latter being a very obvious indicator this is not file related.

      When it freezes, it freezes for about 30-60 seconds AND CPU usage stays between 02 and 10. This is not the pattern of an application creating or dealing with temporary files, especially seeing as there are none.

      C:\>del acr*.tmp /s
      Could Not Find C:\acr*.tmp

      D:\>del acr*.tmp /s
      Could Not Find D:\acr*.tmp

      What I would like is a proper explanation or some ideas as to how I can prevent it. Ever since I installed Reader back in the 90's this has been an issue and I cannot believe a reputable software house can still be hauling such a ridiculous, annoying and very simple issue. I think you should aim to fix this bug instead of adding new 'features', you might claw back some of your users from the likes of Foxit.