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    Reader 8.1.2 Review Features Not Working

    Kristen2810 Level 1
      Hey everyone,

      I am on Reader 8.1.2. I keep reading that in order for the Comments to be enabled, I need to set the rights when creating the PDF. However, I don't know where I need to set those rights and I can't find it anywhere in the help (this is a suggestion to Adobe to consider adding this as a help topic).

      My current process for creating a PDF is to click Print in Microsoft Word and to choose Adobe PDF as the Printer. Within those settings, I don't see anywhere that I can set the rights for commenting.

      Once the PDF is created and comes up in Reader, it doesn't give me the option to allow for comments. Plus, I would like to create a review meeting, but the help just tells you how to join a meeting, not how the author can set up the review for comments.

      Any ideas?