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    Adobe reader deleted itself during 9.1 update!

      I let Adobe reader try to upgrade itself to 9.1 while I was viewing a PDF from the web inside the Opera web browser. Everything seemed to be going fine. I got two notifications from the notification area (lower right screen) corner, saying that updates were ready. A bunch of dialog boxes and progress bars, including one that said "validating install." Then a message popped up saying that the install failed.

      Then I went into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0 and found it completely empty except for an emtpy "Resource" folder. I looked in the "uninstall a program" window in the control panel and Adobe Reader was not there. It is totally gone! I can't open PDFs by double clicking them. None of my web browsers can open PDFs either. This thing is GONE.

      I am running Windows Vista Home Premium. I am running as standard user (not administrator). Using the Opera web browser.