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    Publish Button is Gone!! Updated Reader 9.1

      We just updated to Reader 9.1 and have noticed the Publish button/tools are no longer in upper right. Only in Tasks drop down.

      In order to see the Tasks tool set you must right click tool bar and turn it on.
      When re-launching browser, Task tools do not stick, you must re-check them/turn them on.

      Are there plans to fix this issue? Oversight? or were this intensionally done?

      I am a little worried that other features have disapeared with this new release of reader 9.1.
      Please help anyone.

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          I'm thinking it was intentionally unintentional. I'm guessing that in order to fix the security flaw, they had to re-write some of the user interface, and didn't take the time to make it look like the previous version (because they promised a fix by March 11).

          I realize this update was to fix a major security flaw, but why can't we have the same user interface? In version 8 and 9.0, it was so much easier to tell that you're on a document that was comment-enabled as well as easier to publish your comments. The ease of use was part of the reason we went with this solution.

          Now what happens is you load the document (either in Reader or your browser) and it looks like every other document instead of having nice, clear commenting functions at the top of the window. Sure, it asks to connect to the commenting server, but after that, in order to comment, you have to add the "Tasks" toolbar EVERY TIME you load a comment-enabled document. That preference doesn't seem to stick - even if you load Reader and tell it to show that "Tasks" toolbar.

          To make things even worse, this change only happened in the Windows version of Adobe Reader 9.1. The Mac version retains the same look and feel for commenting as in 9.0 and 8.x. So now, in order to create documentation, we'll have to make separate documents for Windows vs Mac users.

          Adobe- please unify your User Interface again.
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            (Brett_Amundsen) Level 1
            It turns out that the issue was related to a bad installer. Everything should look exactly as it was in 9.0. (and Mac versions).