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    Reader compatability with x64 bit browsers?

      I'm hoping to find out how I can use Adobe reader plugin with x64 bit IE7 & IE8 so I can read and search PDF files from within the browser. I use Vista X64 which actually installed both 32 & 64 bit versions of IE7 and when I use the 32 bit version of IE7 pdf's open in the browser just fine but when I try to open a pdf using the 64 bit version of the browser it insists on opening an external program instead of just opening the file in a tab of the browser. Is this even possible with a 64 bit browser? Is the solution something simple like I simply need to reinstall Adobe Reader 9.1 via the 64 bit browser to enable the feature or is it a hopeless idea?

      I'm mainly wondering because I'm considering installing IE8 and don't want to have any problems