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    Error when opening legitimate documents "Insufficient data for an image"

      I work for a company who has sold "downloadable resources" via PDF for years now. We created a large batch of PDF documents in 2003 with
      Adobe Acrobat 6.0 paper capture, and these are all PDF 1.5 type documents. We've provided these resources for years, however just today we were notified by a user that upon downloading the file they get a message "Insufficient data for an image". These ARE NOT HACKED PDF's. and they worked fine until 9.0. I have tried 9.0 and 9.1, on multiple computers and have confirmed this issue.

      Now we are stuck with hundreds of PDF's that won't open in 9.x.

      I did try downloading a free demo of "PDF-TOOLS" Recovery & Analysis tool, and I open the file using that program, scan the file - TELLS ME ALL IS OK, then resave it using that program.

      Only then can I open it in 9.x.

      What are we to do now short of buying a $200 tool and taking perhaps several days of time to open and save hundreds of "previously working" PDF files???