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    Reader 9.1 printing garbage

      I have a problem with Reader 9.1
      When I print a pdf document from it, the page is filled with 'gobbledy-****' characters, but in the correct positions. (ie. the lines are in the correct place and roughly the right length). The characters are the same every time, but NOT in ASCII, they are things like copyright symbol, fractions, upside down question marks, foreign accented chars etc.
      The pictures on the page print correctly.
      I have tried printing the pdf from ghostscript and it's fine, so therefore I can rule out the printer and the document. I also cannot print a pdf file correctly from IE or Firefox.

      Can Anyone help ?


      Vista x64 SP1
      Adobe Reader 9.1
      Epson C900 colour laser
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          Hi Mike,
          I currently have the same problem, therefore I cannot print any Reader document with my lap top(XP, Reader 9.1.0, Canon 4500). With another pc (XP pro, Reader 8, Canon 4500)it prints correctly. Also in the past I had same problems that were overcome by checking Print/Advanced/Print as image, trick that now does not work. You can try. Let me know.