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    Adobe Acrobat Patch 8.1.4

      Need to deploy to all company machines want to create an SMS package. Is there an MSI file for install the patched version 8.1.4
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          I noticed multiple posting in this topic, but I have seen no solutions.  This is a serious issue for me.  I need to get my Adobe updated from 7.x to 8.1.4 asap using an automated install utility (Altiris) and would really like to avoid problems that often occur with installing two products (8.1.3 + upgrade to 8.1.4).  Does anybody have a solution for this?  Because there are others who have posted this exact question, surely Adobe has taken note, and have a 8.1.4 install package sitting around someplace!!!   HELP!!!!


          Message was edited by: 1stSourceGuy - accidently referenced 7.1.3 when meant 8.1.3.