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    File Association confusion with WinZip and Adobe Reader and Standard


      Some background:

      We have several Citrix/XenApp servers that have both Adobe Reader 8.1 and Standard 8.0 installed. They were installed manually, not scripted with the tuner.

      We use file permissions to restrict access to Standard to the licensed users, which are few. Most people do not have access to Standard.


      If someone who does not have access to Standard opens a Zip file with WinZip, then double clicks on a PDF file in the Zip archive they get an error. If they have access to Adobe Standard the PDF opens in Standard, not Reader.

      I confirmed using Process Monitor (from MS/sysinternals) that when a normal user does this, WinZip can be found trying to call Adobe Standard, not Reader.

      In Windows Explorer it is clear that the default file association is actually for Reader, and not Standard. A double click on a PDF will open in Reader just fine for normal staff, even those with permission to use Standard.

      Solution: ?? I am posting this here because I have no idea. I could try removing the apps, packaging them properly using the Tuner that Adobe provides but this is a legacy environment with a lot of users. I am hoping someone knows of a dialog I have not seen or a registry value that I might check into further.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Thank you
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          I found a registry entry in HKCU that fixes this apparently.


          The "Application" entry is not present right now, and without it WinZip's interpretation of what to do with PDF's is to "open" in Standard. With this entry, WinZip now interprets the default association to "Read" which is linked in HKC to open in Reader.

          I will just through that in the login script and call it a day.

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            We have a very similar configuration and see the same problem in ProTracker Advantage which is our client management software.  When we browse client files in Document Explorer inside of ProTracker and double click on a PDF file, then Adobe Acrobat Standard is launched instead of Adobe Reader.  If Windows Explorer is used directly, then double click on a PDF file launches Adobe Reader.


            I tried the fix as follows.

            • Created a reg file named "AdobeReader.reg" to add the "Application" key
            • Changed the logon bat file to run the .reg file in silent mode with regedit to add the key for all users


            Contents of AdobeReader.reg file:


            Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




            Logon bat file:


            regedit /s AdobeReader.reg


            I verified that the key is added successfully after logon.  However, the behavior is still the same and Acrobat Standard is still launched instead of Reader.


            Any other ideas?

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              Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

              Adobe recommends not to have both Acrobat and Reader in the same Win machine...