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    Adobe Reader 9.1 - Fatal Error : Acrobat failed to connect a DDE server

      Hi Everyone,

      I have some users telling me that when they try to open a pdf attachment in Outlook 2007. Nothing happens. The system just sits there as if you did not click on the attachment. If you wait long enought a popup box from adobe reader comes up and says:

      Fatal Error

      Acrobat failed to connect a DDE server.

      All the PDFs are very simple, just simple scanned images or converted over from a document into a PDF.

      I've tried repairing the install and still had no luck - same behaviour. The only way the pdf opens is if we go into task manager and close the AcroRd32.exe process or logoff and log back in.

      If it helps, the most recent system change was the upgrade to IE7 and a new anti-virus software.