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    Fixing Reader 9.1 update


      Had to do a system restore after Reader had updated to 9.1 to fix an unrelated problem (system is XP SP2). In Help/About it now shows as 9.0 again. As Check For Updates in app does nothing I found Updater 5 and Updater 6 folders in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe, ran Updater 6, and got message: "There are no updates available at this time. Please note that some updates for the following programs cannot be determined at this time: Adobe Reader 9."

      In Program Files I've got Reader 9.0 folder and also Reader 9(2).0 folder, think the (2) was added by system restore process.

      Decided to uninstall 9.0 and download 9.1 from scratch, but when d/loading files from Adobe got Comodo Defence+ warning of possible buffer overflow attack and terminated app (both Firefox and IE7), noticed through searches others have encountered this. Eventually got files from here ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/9.x/9.1/, option of .exe file or .msi file.

      So...to uninstall Reader and anything that came with it then do clean installation, what's best method? Normally I'd use Add/Remove and CCleaner, but I've seen Windows Installer Cleanup Utility mentioned. Do you use that with or instead of Add/Remove etc? And then should I use .exe or .msi file?

      Not that familiar with Reader's workings as it's one of those apps I tend to install and forget about, occasionally creating or viewing PDFs. Any advice much appreciated.