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    Acrobat reader doesn't open automatically anymore


      since my last update to READER 8, Acrobat reader doesn't open automatically on clicking on a PDF file anymore. When I download a PDF file for opening it doesn't work either. I need to "open with Acrobat Reader 8" to succeed. I tried to update to Reader 9 and have the same problem. So now I need to first download and Save on my HD the PDF file and then open with Reader 9 to open it.

      Could you please telle me how to come back to the old way to open my files just by clicking on them.


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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          You need to fix the file associations. I believe this is addressed in
          the FAQ.

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            March 31, 2008

            To solve the pesky file association problem after installing a new Adobe Acrobat Reader software program in Windows XP, try this:

            1. RIGHT-CLICK on the icon of the older problem pdf file that youre trying to open.

            2. A menu window will appear. In this window, click open with.

            3. Another menu window will appear listing most of the programs on your had drive. If you have installed a new Acrobat Reader, it should be there. Click ONLY ONCE (do not double-click) on it to highlight it.

            4. In the same window, near the bottom -- but NOT in the list of programs -- there is box labeled Always use the selected program to open this kind of file. Click on this box.

            5. Click OK.

            This should solve the problem for ALL Adobe Reader pdf files on your hard drive.

            Hope this helps!