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    Performance with Large Searchable Documents

      I am looking for information regarding how the size of a PDF document affects performance when loading, searching, or displaying the pages.

      We have a 100 page PDF file that has about 2,000 images and a lot of searchable text with about 100 links added to it. At a decent resolution, the file is about 380 MB. It's being publicly distributed on disc, so we have no control over what the target platforms are going to be, but we assume it's the whole gamut of consumer grade PCs and Macs of various vintage.

      Naturally, we're including the latest suupported Reader builds on the disc and without Acrobat 7 or newer, we lose some of the functionality anyways, so we're just going to concern ourselves with currently supported Reader products and the Mac / PC platforms that support them.

      So, my question is does Reader load the entire document in memory first? Our file size exceeds the minimum RAM requirements for Reader anyway, so I'm trying to get a handle on what kind of problems we would encounter. If we shrunk the document down to 180 MB (still large), would that make a difference?

      If anyone has any suggestions on dealing with large documents like this, I'd really appreciate hearing from you.