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    Adobe Updater


      We currently have a big problem regarding Adobe Updater that comes with Adobe Acrobat 9.1, which relates to our network connection. When the adobe updater program runs on a computer with admin privileges, it tries to connect to akamai.mel.pacific.net.au. The updater cannot run on our network, and sits on the persons taskbar, with a red x on the icon. When you click the icon, it says failed to connect to adobe updater. This causes our internet to slow down to 30kb from around 700kb(We have a fibre 6/6mb connection). It will stay like that, until you cancel the adobe updater program or restart the computer. You can see a constant connection to that address in our checkpoint logs which is causing the problem
      I was wondering if you have heard anything like this before, so we can fix the issue. Currently Im deleting adobe updater from any computer on the network and looking to block the destination on the checkpoint side, But my manager wants a better solution, then deleting adobe updater.

      Thank you.

      David Field