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    You are viewing this document in PDF/A mode.

      In the latest version of Adobe Reader the message "You are viewing this document in PDF/A mode." is displayed very prominently when viewing PDF/A files.

      While fairly trivial if you are spending some time with the document this can be quite a nuisance in my situation where I'm proofing a large number of single page PDF/A files.

      I have a web based application that allows me to page through them quite rapidly, but this message eats up considerable space on my screen and means I have to adjust zoom more often than otherwise would be the case.

      So my question is, is there a way to disable this message, i.e. just show the blue "i" button that can be used to toggle the message on and off. Obviously toggling it off for each individual file does me little good.

      I did find instructions to simply disable PDF/A mode, but that is not what I want, I would like to proof them in PDF/A mode, just get rid of the message. After all I'm well aware that I'm viewing the documents in PDF/A mode and need no further reminders.