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    Adobe Changing my Word Document

      When I convert my word document to Adobe 7.0 - it is reformatting one page of my document. How can I prevent this from happening? I am using a trial of creating Adobe documents and have "wasted" three trials on this. I would like my trials to be returned to at least 4 left. Please HELP!!! I need to get this newsletter out ASAP!! Thank you!
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          The trial is not meant for production use! You really shouldn't even
          have an Acrobat 7 trial, since that software is very very old. Current
          version is Acrobt 9. Questions about Acrobat should be posted to the
          Acrobat forum, not the Reader forum. Reader users are not familiar with
          the Acrobat commercial product. Having said that, the problem lies with
          using a Word Processing program, where you should be using a desktop
          publishing program. When you change printers, then the word flow is

          I suggest you setup your document making the Adobe PDF printer the
          default printer. That should minimize the problem you are seeing.

          This forum will be disappearing in a few hours, if you need more help it
          should be up and running on Monday.