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    Search window as a panel


      I just installed Reader 8, I find it generally better than the previous versions.

      However something annoys me: the (advanced) search window.

      It used to appear as a panel, and now it is a separate window. I don't really like it. For one example, when you jump to a result, the search window gets de-selected and the document window gets selected, which means I can not use the UP and DOWN arrows to walk through results as I used to before :(

      Furthermore, I usually have a lot of windows open, and this new window is one too much on my task bar.

      I have noticed that when you do an advanced search in a PDF shown in a browser, then this window is shown as a panel.

      How can I let Reader have the same behavior in stand-alone mode?

      Thanks for you help!
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          I totally agree on that comment. I just downloaded the Reader 8 and while the new layout is cool the search functionality is not user friendly.

          I very frequently need to search a whole list of pfd files for what I need. Programming environment. Having the search in a separate window is not ideal. Make it as a pane like the contents on the left side. If that is not tailoring to all users at least make it an option on where you have the search window (integrated/separate window etc).

          For now Reader 8 is getting uninstalled and I'm back to Reader 6.

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            I also agree,

            Although the look and feel has improved greatly what was sacrificed to implement the 'new' search engine ... yikes ... searching is no longer a smooth and gentle transition between one hit and the next.

            The previous search engine version was much better, easier to read, use and extremely user friendly. I for one am really disappointed with the direction the Reader has taken.

            I too will be removing the lastest version of Reader and sticking with the previous versions.


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              See also:
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                I can only agree to the above criticism. Personally I prefer a docked window (like it appears in the IE version), however I do understand that this is a matter of preference so please make this setting optional.


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                  I'd like to keep this issue alive. The separate search window is a constant source of irritation for me and I heard others complaining, as well. I hope the Adobe team will go back to the original search pane at the next update. Even better, make it configurable if possible.

                  The Adobe 8 (I use both the reader and the full version on different occasions) UI was such a great improvement over previous ones but this issue made me seriously think about downgrading my reader.

                  Adobe Development Team, if you read this, please...


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                    I have to agree with everyone's comments. This needs to be fixed before 9.0. If I wasn't using a company computer, I'd being going back in time just to get a useful search. This one of the most aggrevating changes I've seen in any recent software "upgrade".

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                      I have just upgraded to 8.1, and the search panel is still in a separate Windows :(

                      Too bad!

                      Adobe Development Team, if you read this, please make it configurable!

                      It's already the case when the Reader is embedded in a web browser, so why not allow it also in stand-alone mode!?
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                        I have to agree with the other posters here. The separate search window stinks. It is worse than the docked search pane in version 7. On the other hand, the way the version 8 browser plug in offers search on the navigation pane is fantastic! That is a definite improvement over the separate search pane in version 7. The standalone version of Reader should be able to display search in the same way as the browser plugin.

                        In the mean time, I have gone back to version 7.
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                          No idea if anyone at Adobe is listening to this but I also whole heartedly agree that the new search window is a big backward step. Came here hoping to find the way to "dock" it and am v. disappointed to find you can't! Adobe - please do something about it!!
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                            Let me add to the other posters: the separate search window is a bad idea. At least make it configurable! The way it appears via the browser plug-in (as a panel) is fantastic. I've decided that I'm now going to open PDFs using Firefox, as the only way of getting the search panel.

                            My main reason for this is so that when search results are displayed, I can use the up/down arrow keys to quickly move between each result. With the separate search window, each time a new result is selected focus automatically moves to the document window, meaning the arrow keys are navigating within the document.

                            Otherwise, Reader 8.0 is glorious!
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                              I absolutely agree with the above comments on the free-floating search window -- I hate it. I frequently am required to search through hundreds of PDF documents to track down the location of a specific item of information and the ability to use the up/down arrow keys to display each instance of my search phrase was a great productivity tool. With this missing from 8, the utility of the application for the work I do has decreased substantially.

                              Alas, as much as I love the other aspects of the 8.0 UI, I am returning to the previous version until Adobe can address this.
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                                AbhigyanModi Adobe Employee
                                You might want to try the following keyboard shortcuts on the result list:
                                F3/Shift+F3 or
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                                  Boy do I miss the ability to use the Up and Down Arrow keys to jump to the Next and/or Previous search results. The Ctrl+g and Shift+Ctrl+g is somewhat of a work around but when you don't have all 10 fingers this key sequence is VERY difficult... Adobe, please bring back the ability to use the Up and Down arrow to quickly scroll through and review the search window results. It's so much easier to use a pencil in a clenched fist to press one key rather than three keys with sticky keys or macros. I guess I will have to down grade for now.
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                                    I agree, it is super frustrating to have your search result window lose focus so you can't just arrow up and down between results. I signed up just to give a nod that this search window needs to be dockable.
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                                      The separate search pane is a total disaster. A step backwards from the earlier version and not an improvement at all (no up down arrow functionality and toggling between panes wheh you have multiple windows open is enough to drive one insane). Who thought of this idea?! What, at all, is the benefit? Please Adobe, either scrap the separate pane or allow for an option to have an integrated search panel.
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                                        i came to the Adobe website to see if there was a solution to my problem ... and found this discussion.

                                        Oh adobe how could you have done this ! please make the search window work as it did before ... fine have a separate window as an option but it's just horrible as it is .... i've gone back to 7

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                                          Like others, I came here looking for a solution and instead found this thread. The separate Search window bugs me every time I use it. Even the "Arrange Windows" button is of little use, since for some reason Adobe chose not to fill the desktop, so if you click too close to the edge of the screen you end up selecting the window behind the Reader. Add to this the aggravation of the up/down arrows pulling the focus out of the Search window (though thanks for the CTRL-g tip), and the Search functionality is pretty much broken in my opinion. It's so disappointing when a software upgrade makes things less user-friendly. With something as basic as search, I start to lose faith in the company. This needs to be fixed.
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                                            Like many people posted here I came to this webpage to see if I could dock the search panel, and to find out I can't is, to put it mildly, very irritating.

                                            In fact I thought I had somehow changed the settings in my reader to undock the window from the navigation panel as that is how it is when I us it in firefox, and I spent some time trying to resolve what I thought was my mistake.

                                            To find out this is how the interface is now set up is a bug disapointment. Sadly I can't downgrade as I have no control over the version I use at work :-(
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                                              I'm sad to see that there is no solution to this problem - it is unbelievably irritating to have a separate search window for me. I don't have space on my taskbar for more windows.

                                              I also like to have a search panel open with different searches in each pdf file so I can easily switch back and forth between files and not have to retype a keyword and find the right location in the file all over again. With this new search window, I can only have one search word/phrase because the search window is shared between the different open pdf files - horrible!

                                              The browser functionality is perfect - Adobe can you please listen to these people and make it a user choice to use either the panel or window? For now I will use a Firefox window with pdf files open in tabs, but this is not my idea of an ideal solution. It should be in the stand-alone Reader.
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                                                Well, I'm in the same boat I guess. I used to search for a word, and the use the up/down keys to scroll through the results and see which are most appropriate for me needs. Since the software now instantly re-selects the main window after clicking a search result, I can't do this no more.

                                                If Adobe refuse to change this behaviour, maybe there is an unofficial "patch" to remove the "re-select main window" code?
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                                                  Ok, I've now fixed this little problem :-)

                                                  Here's what you need to do.

                                                  Step 1: Ensure you have version 8.1.1 of Adobe reader. (This was the latest when I posted this message).

                                                  Step 2: Find the "AcroRd32.dll" file (It'll probably be in c:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\)

                                                  Step 3: Download (or run if you have one already) your hex editor.

                                                  Step 4: Ask it to move to position "C772C" (HEX) and ensure the bytes at that address are the following hex characters:

                                                  90 90 8B 35 D8 BE 75 01
                                                  90 90 8B 35 40 BD 75 01
                                                  90 90 8B 35 2C BE 75 01

                                                  If any of the above characters are not as above, make them so.

                                                  This will still not allow you to dock the search bar, but at least you can now use the Up and Down keys in the search window. Also, the search window will remain selected, so don't expect tab/alt/etc to work correctly (shortcut keys such as CTRL+P however seem to work fine).

                                                  *** DISCLAIMER ***

                                                  Note that this hack is completely UNOFFICIAL and UNSUPPORTED. It works on my system, but there is no guarantee it will work on others. Also, if you think this hack is a virus, or could be dangerous for whatever reason, simply DO NOT APPLY IT. I accept no responsibility if this hack causes future Adobe Reader updates to fail, or even if it causes Adobe to decide to format your harddrive. You take all risks.
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                                                    I also hate the floating search window.
                                                    I don't understand why this was changed.
                                                    Was it just to say that something new was added ???
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                                                      Another person just looking for a solution to this very inconvenient implementation of the new floating search window. I will go back to Reader 7 in order to gain efficiency in search. Searching through multiple documents is a good feature, but not at the expense of efficiency in searching through a single document. The alt-tab, or resizing workarounds are not convenient at all. Even the up/down arrow registry hack is limited in use.
                                                      Developers developers developers! (or rather project/program managers!!!)
                                                      If you are listening, please take the vast amount of feedback you are getting on this feature and do something. You CAN have the best of both worlds here, you CAN satisfy everyone. If the advanced search window can be docked and undocked from the reader window you will satisfy both user groups. If this is not possible given the currently architected framework of Reader 8, then keep the multiple document search functionality in the new standalone window – But add single document advanced search to the existing search capabilities – like in the good old days of reader 7.
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                                                        I too agree that the search window should be a panel. I will not upgrade to Reader 8 until this is fixed. At lease they could make it configurable.
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                                                          I'll dredge this up again, as I also hate the way the search panel pops up in a separate window. I upgraded to reader 8, saw this feature and downgraded back to 7. Now I have Acrobat 9 Pro, and I had forgotten how much I HATE this feature. It's such a pain to work with this separate window because it doesn't display where you want it to. I don't want to have to keep resizing a window that I had no problems with before I started searching a document! How could you guys possibly think this was a good idea? What were you thinking? It's a big step backwards!!