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    Constant request to restart

      I am having significant annoying problems with Adobe Reader. First of all, I upgraded to Reader 8.x but that didn't make it go away and 8.x was an incredibly slow load. So I reverted to Adobe 6 and it's a nice fast load. But I keep getting this error message. It updates, despite the fact that I've changed the setting to manual. And then it says, "Adobe Reader has been updated. Please restart to continue." How can I get rid of this error message?
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          I have the same problem after upgrading.
          But it is related to AdopeUpdater.exe everytime I start up the message appears "u moet uw computer opnieuw opstarten voordat bijwerken kan worden voortgezet" roughly translated it means that I have to restart before installation can be finished.
          When I close this window i can work with adobe reader start normally, until I asked it to look for updates, than the same message appears.
          I work with Vista 32 Bit. and reader 8.1.0.
          Reinstallation or repair the installation doesn't solve the issue
          Please let me know a solution.
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            I've got the same problem after upgrading 3 days ago. I use xp. After start up my pc says it must be restart before updating can continue. Would you like to restart now? It appears every time I start the pc.
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              Same problem plus adobe reader is unstable and I get blue screened. Upon startup I get a critical error from microsoft. I'm running xp pro with sp2.
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                If your system has a blue screen of death, this cannot be a problem
                with Adobe Reader, since it is not a device driver. This is one of the
                big selling points of Windows NT (aka XP): a program cannot, CANNOT
                crash the system. So if a program does crash the system, it follows
                that the system is broken. But note that device drivers become part of
                the system and CAN crash it: video drivers, for example.

                Reader being unstable is something else; if it crashes itself, that's
                probably Adobe's problem.

                Aandi Inston
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                  Sorry, my mistake. Its not a true BSOD, rather it is a forced core dump that runs by too fast and upon restart, the system reports to microsoft about an issue with new software. My system has been stable and I have not made any changes except for the Adobe update. Moreover, the crashes only occur when Adobe reader is being used. I still receive an adobe reader request to restart the system after I restart. I know this because the task bar icon is that of the Adobe updater.

                  What now?
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                    I think a core dump is today's flavour of blue screen of death, so
                    what I said applies: if a program crashes your system, in any way at
                    all, no matter how badly it is written, no matter if it does it
                    deliberately even, you need to look for the fault elsewhere.

                    It may be worth reducing your video acceleration. Let us know if you
                    need help doing that.

                    Aandi Inston
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                      I don't have video acceleration to speak of. I've a Thinkpad r40 with a ATI Mobility Radeon 7500. My notebook has _never_ had this problem previous to loading the update. It has only occurred following installation of the update. The microsoft website identifies the issue as a driver problem and this is software or driver issue and the adobe reader is the only piece of software or driver which I have installed today. Even now, when I open adobe reader and try to update i receive a box "the computer must be restarted before updating can continue. Would you like to do this now?" I've done this multiple times and nothing changes.
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                        Adobe Reader is not a driver. It cannot crash your system unless there
                        is another fault.

                        Now, I understand why you are saying Reader is at fault, because it's
                        natural to blame the latest change, but I believe you are wrong. We
                        can disagree, but what is more important is that you won't be able to
                        get anywhere in actually solving the problem unless you look outside

                        You say that even Microsoft agrees: " The microsoft website identifies
                        the issue as a driver problem"

                        The multiple update-reboots are a second problem, possibly related,
                        probably not.

                        So, would you like instructions on how to turn off video acceleration
                        (which EVERYONE has).

                        Aandi Inston
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                          Sure, shoot. I've had video acceleration for five years and it only yesterday started causing problems. By all means, let's turn it off.
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                            You can hold off on the video acceration fix. I uninstalled and reinstalled adobe reader 8.1.2. The issues have not reappeared.
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                              Excellent news.

                              Aandi Inston