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    saving a PDF from Adobe Reader

      I am having this problem at work.
      I created an Evaluation Form in Word. People need to be able to type in their information and check boxes. So I created a fill-in pdf in Acrobat Professional. It has no security settings on it. As far as I know I have not made this document with any securities or encryptions on it. When I open it in Reader (which is what everyone who needs needs to fill it out will be using) I can fill it in but I cannot save it to my hard drive.
      On IRS.gov you can download fill-in pdfs of W4s, etc to fill in and you can save them to your hard drive using Adobe Reader.
      I am using a Mac and when I open the pdf in Preview I can fill it out and save it to my hard drive, but everyone else will be using a PC and using Adobe Reader.
      I have watched online tutorials, referred to the Acrobat Book and googled it.
      Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
      Can you save a filled in pdf in Reader or not?
      Any information is greatly appreciated.