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    Invalid Plugin

      For some reason adobe isnt working anymore, system restore isnt changing the problem either. Currently I have adobe reader 8.0 and when I try to use it the pdf comes up for a second and then it tells me "Invalid plugin Adobe will now quit" and right after that it says ("The instruction at "0x2d830cbc" the memory at "0x00000008" the memory could not be read.)
      I've tried using the fixes for error 1714 ( that is the error# that pops up sometimes) but I am missing some files that are prhibiting me from re-installing or un- installing or even upgrading to adobe reader 8.1. The following files are either lost or missing; 1) AcrolEHelper.dll 2) AcroRead.msi and access is denied to AcroPDF.dll. My problem is I am somewhat computer illiterate and do not know or am afraid to do technical fixes unless I have detailed instructions. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          The normal solution for this involved uninstalling, but we might be
          able to get somewhere without that.

          A test: start Reader with the SHIFT key held down. Do you still get
          the message?

          Aandi Inston
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            Thankyou yes this works, but how do i fix the problem, i have tried a few solutions that i found on this forum but because of the files listed above that are missing I cant uninstall. I will be awaiting your reply and thankyou for your time
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              Ok, one thing at a time. Now we know the message is true (since a
              SHIFT leaves out all of the plug-ins), we can work on sorting it out.

              The simple fix is to uninstall, remove what is left (the bad plug-in,
              which doesn't come with Adobe Reader) and reinstall. But this doesn't
              appear to be an option.

              So I suggest you post a list of all of the plug-ins in your c:\program
              files\adobe\adobe acrobat 8.0\adobe reader\plug_ins folder (the name
              won't be exactly that). If you give us a full list, we can tell you
              what doesn't belong.

              Better would be to fix the underlying problem, but it may be that
              things have already gone too far for that.

              Aandi Inston
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                Thank you for your reply, here is the list (name) of of every folder that exists in the plug_ins folder;
                If you want a list from any other programs please let me know. As I wrote in my initial question, I believe there also might be programs missing. Thanks again and have a good day
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                  VDKHome sounds suspect. You should remove that one.
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                    (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                    Unfortunately, everything there, including VDKHome, is standard.
                    What I would do at this point is something called "divide and

                    Make a folder on your desktop, and drag HALF of your plug-ins into it.
                    Start Reader. Did you get an error?
                    If so, put everything back and try the other half.
                    If not, put back HALF of those you removed.
                    Repeat this until you find the culprit.

                    If this sounds confusing, do something simpler instead. Remove
                    plug-ins one by one (putting them into a separate folder on your
                    desktop) until you can start without the error. Then, the LAST thing
                    you removed was the problem, and you can try putting everything else
                    back. Please let us know what you find.

                    Aandi Inston
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                      Thank you Aandi, sorry none of the files that I temporarily transfered 1 by 1 made a difference. The only thing that happened different was that 2 of the times it said that there was a problem with adabe reader 8, this program will now close. I dont remember which two. I somehow think that maybe a registry fix might have possibly deleted a necessary file, I don't know. I will be waiting for your reply
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                        P.S. I Checked my registry cleaner and found no files from Adobe on it
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                          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                          If you run registry cleaners, it's no wonder you can't uninstall. They
                          are poison!

                          Consider using Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility. If this can't put
                          things right, you have probably damaged things beyond repair.

                          Aandi Inston
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                            I solved this problem by checking "Use only certified plug-ins" under View/Preferences/General after I got Reader to start by holding down the SHIFT key.


                            Clark Hensley
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                              Can anyone help me?
                              I am trying to use a web link leading to a pdf.
                              I keep getting

                              Failed to load plug-in
                              The page http://www.myturfsunbury.com.au/sunbury/SunburyBulletin.pdf attempted to load an Internet plug-in named Adobe Acrobat and Reader Plug-in, but the plug-in failed to load successfully.

                              Any ideas? Please? Cause I'm out of them!
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                                >Any ideas? Please? Cause I'm out of them!

                                Repair your Reader installation or right click the link and download the PDF file to your computer first, then open in Reader.
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                                  Further to message from Clark above on Dec20... and after multiple updates andéor re-installs, I tried this but it did not work - at least not at first.

                                  Be sure that after you select the option to use only certified plug-ins that you navigate to another setup option (just click on another one) or the setting will NOT be saved and you will have the same problem when you try again. After I had made the change in this way - the setting was retained and Acrobat Reader v8.1.1 opened fine.

                                  (WHAT A PAIN just to get a PDF reader to work!!)
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                                    In Adobe Reader 6.01 in Windows 98SE,
                                    I get a screen saying plug-in PPKLite.api "failed to initialize."
                                    How can I get rid of this?
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                                      I've got the message "Invalid Plugin" after update of Reader 8, and took the time to remove one by one to find out which one is making that error.
                                      In plug_ins folder ther is one subfolder called Optional containing plugins with exact names like ones in plug_ins folder. Is it some sort of backup copy or what? When I removed them (every one in Optional), everything seems to work fine.
                                      Then I've tried to move them back one by one, and any one is producing that error.
                                      Since I have them in parent folder, I've deleted them permanently and everything is working fine.
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                                        (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                                        The subfolder optional is traditionally found not inside plug_ins but
                                        at the same level
                                        ... \ Acrobat \ Plug_ins
                                        ... \ Acrobat \ Optional
                                        It is designed simply as a place to keep plug-ins you aren't using at
                                        the moment.

                                        Aandi Inston