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    Cannot print with Reader 8.1.1 - But other (pdf) software can !

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      I opened a pdf document with Acrobat Reader v8.1.1 and tried to print it.
      When I click OK in the print dialog then
      immediately a dialog pops up informing me:

      "Unable to start print job. Is printer available?"

      Of cause it is available. I just selected it in the drop down menu!
      I tried to start the print several times - without success.
      The same bug occurs with other printers I selected.
      So it must be a general printer recognition problem from Reader.

      On the other side I can print the same pdf (and others) on the Laserprinter from other tools (e.g. from FoxIt Pdf tool).

      So this must be a bug in Reader. Why does Reader recognize but not start the printers ?