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    I keep getting the message, "the file is damaged and could not be repaired"

      I have a newer Gateway PC equipped with Windows Vista Ultimate, and recently downloaded the free Adobe Reader 8.1.1 version to it.

      I'm not very computer literate, so I'm not sure which terminology to use all the time...sorry.

      When I attempt to open (view, read, download?) a pdf file, it starts the download process, showing the progress at the bottom of the page....for example, it might say, "downloading (16.2kb out of 543.5kb)"

      Usually, about a minute or so into the download, the word "downloading" changes to "downloaded", the action stops, and shortly after (on the window with the gray Adobe Reader background), a smaller message window pops up, declaring, "the file is damaged and could not be repaired".

      A friend suggested that there was probably a problem with the original downloading of Reader and recommended that I completely remove it from my system, then re-install it. Reluctantly, with a very slow dial-up connection network, I did as he suggested, then painfully sat through about a two-hour download AGAIN of Reader 8.1.1

      After the download was completed again, I successfully opened a few of the pdf files which I was previously having the problems with. Problem solved??? NOT QUITE!!! After about three or four successful file downloads (openings/readings of the files), it again started to do the same thing, where it would not complete the downloading/opening process and again leaving the message, "the file is damaged and could not be repaired."

      I am very confident that the files are not the problem, as many of my friends have viewed/opened those same pdf files repeatedly with no issues, BUT WHAT IS CAUSING THIS??? As I said before, I'm not very computer savvy as it is, and adding the newer Windows Vista Ultimate OS probably hasn't helped any.

      1. Is the problem with Windows Vista?
      2. Is the problem with Adobe Reader 8.1.1 (or the downloading of it)?
      3. Is the problem related to the security settings of my computer?
      4. Is the problem likely virus related (I use the purchased McAfee protection)?

      I just don't know where or how to start looking for the solution, other than thru this forum, and I simply can't afford the time to remove and re-install Adobe Reader 8.1.1 each time I need the use of my computer.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and you can e-mail me with suggestions to cookiey@televar.com, or else call me on my cell

      THANK YOU,

      Don Maycumber
      Republic, WA
      509-570-8114 Verizon mobile