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    Internal Error 2330. 1392

      I just purchased a new laptop with Windows Vista with Adobe Reader 8.1.0 installed. When trying to open up an Adobe file, I received the error Internal Error 2330. 1392, C:\Program files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\Browser. I tried to uninstall Adobe and got the same error. Through Windows explorer I could not open the "Reader" folder. It said it was corrupted and i could not delete the ADOBE directly manually.

      I was able to uninstall Adobe Reader 8.1.0 by first going in and changing the name of ADOBE directory under program files, but i still cannot delete the ADOBE directory directly.

      Is there a way to manually delete the ADOBE directory.

      Don Hahl
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          Hi, I am having a similar problem, have you found a solution?
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            I'm having the exact same problem.

            I purchased a Dell lap top with Adobe Reader 8.1.1 already installed. A few weeks after my purchase I installed a 30 day trial version of Adobe Photo Shop. Interestingly enough after my 30 day trial was up I suddenly was unable to open Adobe Reader or Photo Shop.

            I get the exact same error messages. I contacted Adobe and the response I received was to look on the site under support. Not finding my answer I called and was instructed that they don't have support for free or trial versions of their product. However, I could pay $39.99 for phone support. Very disappointed with their service and with not standing behind a product, free or not.

            I had also contacted Dell to find a solution and they tried everything I had tried. Their solution was to instruct me through re-installing my entire system even though there is nothing wrong with my computer.

            Haven't found a solution and I did not re-install the system. There must be another way if others are experiencing the same issue. Compatibility issue with Vista maybe?
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              Help! Same problem... tried many things and can't fix it. Dell XPS M1530. Started happening ~30 days after I bought the computer...
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                Does the Add/Remove Programs control panel show anything other than
                Adobe Reader? Such as an Acrobat Professional trial?

                Aandi Inston
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                  Hi Aandi -

                  I'm running Vista.
                  Programs and Features:
                  Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0
                  Adobe Premiere Elments 4.0 (can't remove same error as Adobe Reader)
                  Adobe Premiere Elements Templates (I did succeed in removing this last night)
                  Adobe Reader 8.1.2

                  Another problem: In Adobe pdf files won't print.
                  Unable to start print job. Is printer available?
                  ---click OK then:
                  Same message.
                  ---click OK then:
                  Message goes away but doesn't print.

                  I installed FoxIT last night - now at least PDF files can be printed just fine.

                  More errors:
                  When opening Adobe Reader:
                  DDE Server Window: AcroRd32.exe - Corrupt File
                  The file or directory c:\Progrmam Files\Common Files\Adobe is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility.
                  (which when I tried to run didn't seem to do anything)

                  When tyring to remove Ado Prem Elem 4.0:
                  Warning 1910. Could not remove shortcut Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0.lnk. Verify that the shortcut file exists and that you can access it.
                  --click OK then get:
                  Error 2330. Error getting file attributes: C:Progam Files\Common Files\Adobe\Launch\premiereelements\4.0. GetLastError: 1392.
                  --click OK then get:
                  Installshield Wizard Completed
                  ...wizard was interruppted before Ado Prem Elem 4 could be completely installed... (even though I was trying to remove it).

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                    It does seem that you've got a serious disk problem, even if CHKDSK
                    can't fix it. It may be worth having an expert take a look. And make
                    sure you have backups of everything - bad disks can spread and fail
                    very quickly.

                    Aandi Inston
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                      By the way, did CHKDSK report any errors? Did you run it with /F to
                      let it fix them (the default is to run read only).

                      Aandi Inston
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                        I have the same sorts of problems as PEL, JD; CHKDSK reported a lot of corrupt files and orphaned file record segments (too many to copy down). No errors were reported with CHKDSK in read-only mode. Is there anyway to take CHKDSK out of read-only?

                        I tried repairing Adobe Photoshop 6 with the disk that came with my Dell, but I received the error 1392 in the middle of the process... Any insight?
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                          I hope this is not a duplicate message! I'm at my wits end with my Dell Inspiron 1720!! New in late December '07 and nothing but trouble! They finally put in a new hard drive w/everything preloaded as in the original order along with a new NVIDIA graphics card/gizmo. Everything has worked fine for 3 whole weeks...until I tried to open a PDF last night! Got the Internal Error 2330.1392 message. Tried to uninstall Adobe Reader 8.1.2 ... same message. Tried to download the new Reader 9.0 that was apparently released 7/1/08 and it tried to uninstall the older version...not happening! Spent too much time w/Dell tech and as someone else said ... their solution was to reinstall the OS!!! Been there, done that...and once was enough (actually had to do that 3 different times before they replaced the hard drive!!) Have also downloaded RegCure from ParetoLogic to the tune of $40 and it did not fix the problem as they claimed!! Now What? Does anyone have a solution?
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                            I just had the SAME issue with my brand-new (less than 1-month old!!) Dell XPS 1330. Adobe wouldn't work, wouldn't let me uninstall or update, and that error message kept popping up. I tried the RegCure, for $30 but no luck. How frustrating! I called Dell support, expecting the worst, but the tech was great -- even though he had never seen the problem before, he really helped. After working through it on his end and finding no solution, he had me open the computer in safe mode and talked me through a disk cleaner scan which, after about 45 minutes, fixed the corrupted portion of Adobe! My fingers are crossed!!
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                              Check the permissions on the folder to make sure you are the owner. Google for how to take ownership of a folder. If you're in Windows Home you're pretty screwed.
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                                It looks like this is a common problem. They are ready to get sued.

                                Every year I have to call them and fight to get help for similar issues.

                                After running this program for several months, the Adobe Acrobat DC decided to shut down and give this same report all over again!!!