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    Adobe Reader attempts to open, then recieves an error message of AppName:acrord32.exe

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      I have been having trouble using Adobe Reader 8.1.1, every time I go to open it I receive the following message:
      Error Signature
      AppName:acrord32.exe AppVer: ModName:msver71.dll
      ModVer:7.10.3052.4 Offset:000010428
      Has anyone else experienced this issue? I am running windows xp with security packet 2.
      I have tried to un-install the program. Manually deleted the files by going to the programs folder and removing everything. I have done a complete search of all files and documents regarding to Adobe and deleted them. Then attempted to re-install the software. Each time I do so I receive the same error message. Any thought on how to resolve this issue?