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    Instalation problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Dear Sirs,

      I am highly disappointed with this very bad situation. When I visited adobe site to download adobe reader 8.1.1. your current last version there after installing some browser control started process of automated installation of the product. Near to process beginning I received message Cant retrieve essential parameter! (12250.305.770), after that the download-install procedure goes in never ending Installation pending status. Which is still OK for me. I just will not install your last version. What makes me really mad is that I can not install anything else on my machine. All other install processes says to me that Previous installation process is not finished. This is your last version installation process. I can not uninstall it because it is not installed yet. I cannot install anything else because your installation process is still not finished. My machine is near to unusable due to your Fancy installation Helping procedure.

      I require immediate assistance to get rid of your ridiculous never ending installation procedure!!!

      Tanks in advance
      Mariyan Gotsev
      MGM Software
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