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    Reader 8.1.1 Hard Freezes Vista

      I have the current Reader 8.1.1 (checked for updates) and Vista Home. Not long after installing Reader, I would double click to open a PDF, Reader would come up, display the file. Then, the cursor would disappear and all mouse and keyboard would be locked. Vista also appears to be completely locked. Power off reset is the only option. No log files of any sort are generated. This did not occur every time I opened PDF's; just a sporadic event. Did not always occur with same PDF file. Eventually removed and downloaded and re-installed Reader. Was OK for a while now the problem has returned. Did a 'repair' in C/R Programs but too early to verify if this did any good due to periodic problem. Deleted files in the temp folder also.

      Any clues where to begin to debug this? Or has anyone had a similar problem?
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          I had different crash when 8.1.1 updated. I proved that 8.0 works (i reinstalled) and when Adobe updated that - the crash came back. Do you have 8.0 still around?
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            Using CTRL-ALT-DEL and looking at CPU usage I discovered the Adobe Updates file was consuming 98-99% of the CPU time and effectively shutting the system down. I have posted a query on the forum to see if anyone has a solution.

            I was runnig Adobe Reader 8.1.1 on Windows XP Home Addition service pack 2 with all the latest updates.
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              I have exactly the same problem and I am using Vista Home media center. It started with 8.0 and continued with 8.1.1. I have no idea where to go from here. I noticed one other thing, the hard freeze seems to depend on my celerity. When I remember to wait a few seconds after the pdf doc opens before moving the cursor the freeze up is much less frequent, but may still occur. It also seems to occur more frequently when I move the cursor into the Toolbar in order to click the Print icon. I have tried reinstalling IE---no help. By the way, the freeze up has also occurred with Windows Mail pdf email attachments. Jesse, have you found a solution yet?

              Does anyone know if Adobe is working on the problem? Does anyone have a solution?
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                Richard...wow! Exactly the kind of thing I noticed. If I don't move the cursor right away things usually are OK. Don't touch anything and it won't lock up most of the time.

                Now that I know someone else has the problem I am going to submit a problem report to Adobe. Not that I expect they are any better than anyone else with accepting accountability for their software issues.
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                  I would use a different PDF viewer like Foxit Reader. Probably not worth your time to troubleshoot the Adobe Reader.
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                    Jesse, I submitted a bug report, but don't let that stop you. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!
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                      Thx, I'll try Foxit Reader
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                          I have developed a consistent work around for this problem. It's a pain but it works! As soon as you click to open a pdf file remove your hand from your mouse so you don't move it accidently. Observe the cursor: A few seconds after the file opens, the cursor disappears for a second or two and then re appears. After it re appears it is OK to use the cursor and won't freeze the system. I currently use a wireless keyboard and mouse. Could that have anything to do with it?
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                            Richard, exactly what my work around is. I agree it is a pain but I am well trained now. I also have an MS wireless keyboard and mouse. I guess it's a possible factor. My Vista tablet PC with Reader does not have this issue at all.

                            I did note the other day I clicked a link to download a PDF and then walked away. When I came back the PC was locked up with the Reader file displaying. This time I wasn't even there to touch the mouse.

                            There's zero log files, crash dumps, or anything else to even give a clue what is happening.
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                              Jesse, Sometimes a mouse can move slightly due to vibrations e.g. moving your chair and walking around could do it!