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    Outlook Express

      I just downloaded Acrobat Reader 8.1. I have Windows XP and use Outlook Express for email. Since downloading the new reader, incoming emails with a pdf attachement won't open when I click on them and click OPEN. It will say, "The file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel." If I select SAVE AS and save the pdf to the desktop, then it will open in Acrobat Reader. I have gone to the folder options in the control panela and looked up pdf and it appears to be set to Acrobat Reader. So I don't know what is wrong or what option I should be setting. If anyone can help, please do.
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          Check the Microsoft kb. They should have details about fixing file association issues.
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            I'm really not a computer guru as you probably now from my initial question, but what is the "kb" in Microsoft kb?
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                thanks so much for the help..I'll check it out.
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                  I too have run in to this problem. I can only open the PDF's if I drag the icon to the desktop. Did you have any luck correcting?
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                    Try to install the latest version of Adobe Reader (8.1.1); installation of Adobe Reader should automatically correct any associations problems.
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                      Installed version 8.1.1 - regret did not correct the problem.
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                        I've been having the same problem for some time now. The only way I have been able to open any PDF is to save it to my documents, open Reader, then go to Open File. I have to open and print a slew of new PDFs from email daily and it is really slowing things down and clogging up my documents to have to save each one of them and them actually open in in Reader.
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                          I agree that reinstalling Reader "should" fix the problem - but it didn't.
                          The file associations seem fine. If I double-click on a pdf file in Windows Explorer, Acrobat Reader opens correctly (both before and after the re-install). If I try to open a pdf attachment in Outlook Express, up pops up a totally useless message indicating that this file does not have an association and suggests that I add a file association. How do you add an association within Outlook Express? Windows Explorer already has the correct file association, and I have reinstalled the latest Acrobat Reader (as an Administrator; my normal logon is a limited account).

                          I've been considering buying CS3 ($$$) but given the abysmal support for Acrobat Reader, I'm certainly reconsidering the purchase. Enough people have encountered this same problem that Adobe should have at least responded by now.
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                            I have a similar problem with Outlook Express, but instead of getting a message when clicking on a PDF attachment, it opens with Adobe Photoshop instead of Adobe Reader. Then, you can't print beyond page no.1. I tried changing associating in Control Panel, but that doesn't work.

                            Any ideas on how to change the association just in Outlook Express?
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                              Open up File Explorer on your computer. Select Tools > Folder Options > File Types tab > Scroll down the registered file types and look for PDF

                              If you find PDF, highlight it and select the Change button. Choose Adobe Reader from the Programs window

                              If you don't find PDF, select the NEW button. Input PDF into the File Extension window, then hightlight it, select the Change button and choose Adobe Reader from the Programs window

                              Julie, Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices
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                                Regret tried to go through Explorer to look for PDF extension - was there - with Adobe 8.1 showing. Tried to change and highlight - still doesn't work.
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                                  Just had an update for 8.1.2 update pop up on my computer to download. I downloaded and it seems to have corrected the problem. The PDF's take quite a while to open, but they do open.
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                                    Re Julie's Message:
                                    I'm using Windows XP, so what you refer to as "File Explorer" is probably what's called "Windows Explorer" on my system. Other than than that name change, the steps you listed were exactly what I did when this problem first occured. The file association was correct then, and it still is correct. When I double-click on a ".pdf" file in Windows Explorer, Acrobat Reader opens as it has for years. When I try this in Outlook Express, nothing happens.
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                                      I'm having the exact same problem with OE and .pdf files. We have verified that the latest version of Adobe Reader is installed and opens files. We modified the security setting in OE and it didn't help. We have also checked the "file associations" and they are all correct, pointing to the correct .exe files.
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                                        I have a strange problem. If I am logged in as Administrator Adobe Reader 8.1.2 works fine. If I log in as a Power User, it doesn't recognize that the file is associated with Adobe Reader. When logged in as an Administrator, folder options > file types lists .pdf and Adobe Reader as the application. When logged in as Power User, the association is not listed.

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                                          I've finally given up on Acrobat Reader. Slow performance, maybe. But when PDF files would not open in Outlook Express (I never, ever use an Administrator account for reading email, so my problem might be the same as gwilson2008's), intermittent failures -- and then when used PrimoPDF (nice application) to print to a PDF file, Acrobat Reader bombed and I could not create the file. I uninstalled Acrobat Reader and replaced it with the Foxit PDF Reader. It is much faster, and I have not had a single problem so far with Foxit.