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    "Use Local Fonts" setting seems to switch while viewing PDF

      I open up a pdf with no embedded fonts, and the text looks fine. Then after a few seconds of paging through the document, all of the sudden the next page is shown with adobe-substituted fonts like "Adobe Serif MM" instead of "ArialNarrow,BoldItalic".

      -Using Adobe Reader 8.1 on Windows XP pro, SP2
      -Using fairly standard fonts like ArialNarrow, plain, bold, and italic.
      -If I close Reader and open the document again, a few seconds later, I go to another page, and the fonts are fine again. This toggles back and forth each time I open Reader.
      -Italic fonts are especially heinous looking: instead of being slanted to the right a few degrees, they are slanted to the left about 45 degrees.
      -This seems to have started happening after installing some Windows Updates, but I'm not sure whether that is related.
      -I'd rather not use embedded fonts due to increased file size.
      -I create the pdf using a third-party app. Is there a way I can test the pdf to verify whether it was created correctly?