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    Font size is comming big in Reader 8.0 while printing from command line

      1.We are using the below command for printing the PDF files in Acrobat Reader 6.0.0
      with O/s as Windows 2000/ XP.

      Acrord32.exe /n /p /h filename. PDF

      That time font was coming as required and fit into the paper properly

      2. As part of migration we are trying to print the PDF files using the same command in
      Acrobat Reader 8.0.0 with O/s as Windows XP / Vista.

      We observe that font is coming bigger as compared to old one and due to this report does not fit into the paper.

      Also please note that we are not able to print pdf with Acrobat Reader 6.0 on Vista.

      3.We tried with below command

      Acrord32.exe /t /h filename. PDF

      But we are facing a problem as the pdf is getting opened on the screen while printing
      the same. We dont want the pdf to get open as it was happening earlier with version6.0.

      Please help us in resolving this issue.