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    Opening PDF

      I have downloaded the Adobe Reader 8.1.1 and now whenever I attempt to open an PDF, my computer shuts down. Every stinking time!!!

      The prompt reads that an error has occured and will close down. It does not specifically mention Adobe, but it only happens as described above.

      Can anyone...EVERYONE help me? I have removed and reinstalled Adobe, but that does not good. I'm running XP at home.

      I appreciate any assistance at all.
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          Feb. 4, 2004

          I have a less serious, but similar problem. I replaced Reader 7.09 with Reader 8.1.1 and now when I am offline and attempt to open a pdf file on my hard drive I get an error message telling me I must be connected.

          Since with this particular computer I never need to read a pdf file online,I went to Preferences/Internet and unchecked DISPLAY PDF IN BROWSER, ALLOW FAST WEBVIEW, and ALLOW SPECULATIVE DOWNLOADING IN THE BACKGROUND. But this did not resolve the problem.

          I am looking for a way I can change a setting in Reader 8 so it will allow me to read offline. If there is no such way should I use Windows restoration to undo the downloading of Reader 8 and hope that that will restore Reader 7.

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            February 5, 2008

            Similar to your problems, since I installed Reader 8 I get an error when opening any PDF file stating "There was an error opening this document. Access denied". Any suggestions will be appresiated.


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              For absolutely NO reason (I've had Ac.Reader 8.1.1 for over a month) lately when I receive or access a .pdf file, I get a message that "this document is untagged and must be prepared for reading. While the document is being analyzed your assistive technology will not be able to interact with this application." WHA?????

              Is this something _I_ need to do on the receiving end, or something the SENDER should have done ("tagged")??? I don't get it - and this is true for ANY .pdf file that is sent to me.
              It NEVER happened before now. Note: there are no new updates for Adobe Reader as of this date (2/5/08).

              What is happening to Adobe? It's always worked flawlessly!

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                i get message the the patch pkg. could not be open, verify the patch exists? the can not remove the 8.1 from the add remove section of windows.
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                  Did you get this resolved? I am having the exact same issues.
                  Before I upgraded to 8.1.2 I was able to open the pdf.attachment and scroll all the way through it. Now I open, it prepares for reading and when I scroll through, it locks up and says adobe reader is not responding
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                    I have recently upgraded to 8.1.2, and had no probelms prior to the upgrade. I am unable to open files that are sent to me named "report.pdf". The message I get is "can't create file: report.pdf". I am unable to open, copy or save the file. If the file is renamed prior to being sent to me, then I have no problems with it. Any suggestions?
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                      Like Gary Weinberg (2-14-08) only one sender's email attachments won't open with message: "Can't create file: (file name.pdf). Right-click the folder you want to create the file in, and then click properties on the shortcut menu to check your permission for the folder". Permission is "unrestricted access"

                      Bob Malkowski
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                        No I did not get the issur resolved. Any advice from anyone on this?
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                          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                          There seem to be at least six completely different errors being
                          discussed. Which of them are you exactly the same as?

                          Aandi Inston
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                            I have a user that receives generated reports in a pdf format via email.
                            now this user can open up previously emailed generated reports that are in pdf format with out a problem.
                            today he received about 4 emails with new reports in pdf format
                            now when he tries to open these new files he gets a access denied error.
                            he cant open save move or delete this new files.
                            I had him forward me the email with the attached pdf to see if I would get this error but I can open them without a problem
                            so i don't think the files are corrupt

                            These reports are vital and need to be processed asap
                            Im wondering how to fix this

                            Thanks for the help
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                              Experiencing problems with Adobe 8.1 as well. I am unable to download or read any pdf files on the internet. When I select a pdf file, a window opens, not Adobe program, and says downloading, and then done but no file appears. Very frustrating! Would appreciate any help you can give.
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                                Sorry to post in here without having anything very helpful to say about the particular topic.

                                Aandi, I've seen a number of your responses to issues on various threads and wanted to point you toward my thread (today 3-29-08)about not being able to print IRS forms. I would really appreciate your thoughts.


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                                  I have the same problem when opening .pdf files from my e-mail. To make it even stranger, I can open some .pdf files but not others. The ones I can't give the same problem. Says it's getting File information, just sits there for a few minutes and then closes without any .pdf file being downloaded.
                                  I sure would like some help regarding this problem, also...

                                  I am using Vista
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                                    Using Win-XP Pro.
                                    I have PDF files on the web and have been able to open standard PDF and 3D PDF files within a web site for months with no problem.
                                    Until yesterday.

                                    While working a message showed up telling me to update Adobe Reader.
                                    So I did. Now I have Reader 8.1.2

                                    Now when accesing a PDF I get the following message:
                                    "Cannot use Adobe Reader to view PDF in your Web browser. Reader will now exit. Please exit your browser and try again."

                                    What so I do now?

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                                      Took 8.1.2 out.
                                      Cleared the registry of any existance of 8.
                                      Re-installed 7.0.7

                                      Now I am back in business, everything works.