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    Error Message Help

      i get this message when trying to open up a .pdf document in Adobe Reader 8.1.2,
      'error while parsing a Form, Type 3 Form, or Pattern'
      can someone please help me!
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          Error Message: "One or more Adobe PDF Extensions are disabled. This may impact how PDFs are displayed in Internet Explorer." When I go to the "Manage Add-ons" utility, there are no Adobe add-ons disabled, but I keep getting this message.
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            "One or more Adobe PDF Extensions are disabled." Have tried everything I can think of. So annoying. All extensions are enabled. No help from Adobe. Anyone out there with solution.
            Adobe 8-1-2
            Just started doing this.

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              Found solution on another forum page:
              Don't know why Adobe or Microsoft has not notified anyone though.

              Go to "Internet options"; "Advanced". Check box for "eanable third party browser extensions" then "Apply" and "OK". Should work!

              Don't know why this is not a default setting given the forum feedback problems.

              Good Luck

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                Gary ... I hope you've had success with that. I already had "3rd party browser extensions" enabled ... BEFORE this problem showed up.

                What was the other part of the forum where you found this?
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                  The EXACT text of any Error Message you saw.

                  I sent a message yesterday but I can't find the answer. I have two error messages. (1) ACTIVATION ERROR Printer not activated, error code -20. (2) ADOBE READER-Unable to start print job. Is printer available? I have a Canon PIXMA MP160. It prints a blank sheet of paper. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
                  THANK YOU AHEAD OF TIME!
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                    Marry: a suggestion I received from the forum support people might help in your case, as well.

                    Near the top of the page is a line of very small text, included in that line is the phrase forum search. Click on that & it opens a window with a blank line. Enter as many specific things as you can that define the problem. In this case I would be specific & quote your message printer not activated, error code -20 (without the quote marks). By using as much specific information as you can in the search window you will greatly reduce the number of forum entries that will be presented for your consideration also they will be much more likely to be of value.

                    If that does not work then dig into the second problem the same way. It seems to me that your second error message is subservient to the first & might go away if the first problem is cured. I would doubt that the printer type has anything to do with the problem, as it is likely that its being used by everything else on your computer.
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                      I found this solution on Yahoo that worked for me...


                      open up your adobe reader from the start menu. Then go to Edit then preferences. Depending on what version you are running you may find your preferences under one of the other headings...
                      Then in the left column click on Internet. Web browser options clear the "Display PDf in browser.
                      Now when you click on the PDF it will download the file to a location you can either save it or delete it (your preference). And once it is downloaded Adobe will open it for you in its own reader and not rely on either microsoft or mozilla for extension use...