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    Reader 8.1 locks up entire system

      I'm having a SERIOUS problem using Adobe Reader. Whenever I open certain files, my system LOCKS UP. Mouse pointer won't move. Keyboard dead. Video doesn't update (clock doesn't change). CTRL-ALT-DEL does nothing. SUSPEND button does nothing. The only way I can recover is to power cycle the machine. VERY frustrating when this happens, because I lose any work in progress. I absolutely MUST have the ability to access PDF files in my work, so I need to get it diagnosed. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Reader twice, and the behavior continues.

      I'm running AcroRd32.exe version, product version I'm running Vista SP1 build 18000 (RTM build) on a Toshiba Tecra M5, 4GB RAM.

      I don't have a kernel debugger hooked up to the system, but could do that if necessary.

      Toby Nixon