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    Internal Error 2753 Updater.api_NON_OPT

      Our users who have Adobe Reader v8 installed are being prompted to update to version 8.1.2. but when it starts updating they get the following error message: Internal Error 2753 Updater.api_NON_OPT
      When they try to uninstall via Add and remove programmes they get the same error message and that a fatal error has occurred. The Adobe reader icon on the desktop disappears and they are not able to open .pdf files.
      we have to delete any Adobe folders in Programme files and reinstall. other than telling users to decline the updates is there a way to turn off the prompt for updates because they are causing a problem?

      Tony Dooley
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          Several of our users were getting this also. We worked around it by installing the Windows Install Cleanup Utility from Microsoft's site. Install it on the PC with the error and use it to remove Adobe Reader. Restart and then Install 8.1.2.

          I was hoping to find a better way to uninstall/reinstall, but so far no luck. Kind of funny that we have to rely on Microsoft to fix Adobe's problems.