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    Acrobat 8.1.2 Update Hangs Entire Computer

      Operating System = Windows 2000

      I clicked to automatically updated Acrobat reader last night. It was chugging away in the background while I completed my other work. The update prompted me to restart and I indicated that I would do it later. I completed my work then shut the PC down. This morning, the PC seemed to boot as usual, but no programs work, at all. I double click on icon, start from tool bar, etc, but nothing ever runs. I press ctrl-alt-del and select task manager, but that never comes up either. When these are tried, there is no disk activity. After hard booting and entering Safe mode, everything seems to work ok. Rebooting to regular mode, nothing works. I feel as though there is an incomplete or corrupted Acrobat installation that is hanging the system. Is there any way to clear the install or something else to get the machine back to how it was working yesterday?