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    AR 8.1.2 tramples over Acrobat5.0

      The installation of AR8 seems to have trampled over Acrobat5.0

      I have been using Acrobat 5.0 as a PDF writer for a year and have allowed AR to update itself over the months without a hitch.

      The recent update to AR8.1.2 resulted in the PDF writer giving a printer error.

      I reinstalled AA5 but found that it's now AA5 that opens when I double click on a PDF file. I have used the file properties > "Open with" to open PDF files with AR8 but AA5 always opens.

      It's been suggested on the MS XP news group that I install only the writer element of AA5. How do I do that? Is the effect I describe a known problem? Is there another way around it?