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    Adobe 8.1.2 Problems to make printing

      I will try to explain myself in english but may natural language is French
      I try to make some printing from the electricity company, but when select the printer, adobe says impossible to print, contact the sales, or versionn 8.1.2 french is free for the basic function.
      I try to go in the configuration panel, and see that the software is about 100 Mo but when i decide to modified or get it out, I get a message saying
      that it is impossible.
      I try to make a general search, but nothing
      If somebody have an Idea, it will be welcome
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          I have a similar problem. In my application we generate a pdf. My client is french and has a french Adobe Reader version. When he opens the pdf in the browser then click the print button, he gets "impossible to print the document" error. But if he saves it on his computer and then print it, it works.
          This happens randomly, some times its printed and sometimes it gives error. Please suggest what can be the problem, does it has something to do withthe Adobe Reader version?