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    Reader 8.1.2 display/memory limits?

      I work on graphics-heavy books, which I convert into PDF to send to my printer. A typical 192-page project with all pages as 1200-dpi bitmap art is around 300mb once converted to PDF.

      Since upgrading my Reader from 7x to 8.1.2, I've encountered a peculiar problem when reviewing my files (besides hanging and generally running horrendously slow)... after displaying a number of pages (roughly 176), the Reader will not completely finish loading the file, giving the error "Couldn't find XObject named 'Im0.'" The file itself is not corrupt, as I can open and view it within older versions of Reader with no issues, and Acrobat Pro 6 (and I've tried this on several computers with the same results.) Also, if I open the file in Reader 8 and simply jump to the end of the file, I can view them... so the problem definitely seems to be related to the amount of data it views/loads.

      It seems to me that Reader 8.1.2 has memory issues, but then again I'm not software-literate. Is this a known problem? More importantly, is this an issue that affects the entire Acrobat 8x family?