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    Tools for marking documents are disabled

      The common markup tools are not activated for use and when I click the box for those tools, they do not work.
      This note shows up at the bottom, "Only available when document rights are enabled"
      I understand what this means and the spirit behind it makes some sense. I assume that an author would prefer that thier document was not edited and published easily by a second party.
      The part of this that makes little sense is if I am a student and, the document is a textbook. Why shouldn't I be able to use it just like a paper text book? You remember, highlight, tab, make notes, etc..
      Seems to me that these type tools would be quite harmless to most authors and publishers and I would think they would like students to use them in this way. I would think that is how they used their books when they were in school. I would also go so far as to say that not having these tools active could have a negative impact on Adobe if another company did have these tools available. With that in mind, it is hard for me to believe there isn't some simple button, or change in preferences that would allow me to use these tools.
      I can say that I have had one book that did have these available and the tools were very useful and made the class and the textbook much more userfriendly in the end.
      Is there somway these tools can be made available other than approaching every single text book company for 2 to 6 books every class?