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    Problem with Groupwise 7 and Adobe Reader/Microsoft Office products

      We recently went to Groupwise to handle corporate external email (we've been using it for years for internal email). We've run into a little trouble. The first trouble is that we had to manually push out registry settings using ZENworks (changes we took were from the tool available at- http://tinyurl.com/2su3vt). We are having trouble now with emailing from a third party program.

      For example, we've got many users who email a file using Adobe Reader.Using a "clean" VMWare machine, I install Groupwise (7.0.2 currently)and install Adobe Reader and try to send the email and it works.

      When the users try to use it, though, it prompts them to use either"Novell Default Settings" or "Novell Groupwise." They can hit okay, and neither of them work. They get an error message and the message does not send.

      If they try to send from Word or Excel, they get a similar message.

      I'm led to believe that this is some sort of trouble with Windows Messaging, but I can't put my finger on it. So, here's what I've tried today - reinstalled wms and ran fixmapi.exe. Double checked to see that IE is the correct email program in IE.

      Didn't work.

      "Push out" application that assigns Groupwise as default email client.
      Reinstalled Groupwise
      Reinstalled Adobe Reader

      Nothing... still is giving me an error in Reader "An error occurred while sending mail." Anyone experience similar trouble - especially with Adobe Reader (which has many important documents our users use to email).

      Thanks in advance,

      Brent Hanson--