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    copy specific page

      How can I

      Copy A Specific page of a PDF document ?

      Excuse me for asking "dumb" question ( I have searched
      very much to find answer(s) on my own, but no luck.

      Lets say I have a 50-page document (PDF-file).
      Let's say I'd like to share a specific page w. a friend, and
      NOT have him search through all the 50 pages to find the one(s)
      that are interesting for him.
      So I'd like to copy that specific page, and show him.

      Is there really no simpler way to do that than to
      "mark and copy to clipboard" ?
      By creating a rectangle around the "picture"
      ( in my case the entire page ) ?
      Seems really awkward to me.
      I would have thought you could just mark (check boxes or similar)
      the page you'd like to move, cut, copy, delete or whatever ,
      and then just perform the task.

      How's the best way to copy selected page(s) ?

      Thanks in advance :-) !