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    Print dialog box hidden in background, can't print

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      We are having a problem with Reader version 8 print dialog box getting lost in the background. We are running a ColdFusion application and users have Windows XP with IE 6.

      When the Acrobat print dialog box pops up, it allows you to click on another screen in the background. At that point the only way to get back to the print dialog is by closing every single window, including the application you are using to do your work, until the dialog is the last one left! There is no indication in the taskbar that the dialog is open, so users cannot go back to it. The application starts hanging, IE screens start blanking out, and you cannot print at this point.

      This isn't standard Windows behavior, and the problem did not exist in version 7. Previously you could not click on other windows until the print dialog was closed. Are there any plans for a fix? Soon? Our application is used statewide by hundreds of state agency users.
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          We are experiencing the same issue. The issue did not exist with 6.x versions of Adobe either. The fact that the user is allowed to click to other windows with the print dialog up is not ideal. The print dialog becomes lost (with no task bar indication) and no further PDFs will open. Internet Explorer's print does NOT do this.

          Adobe - please revert to the way it was before. The Reader Print Dialog must remain on top of all other windows.
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            I downloaded and installed the updates for reader and thereafter could not print my pdf documents. All other doc print. I am using a Firefox browser on my XP machine. What could be the problem and how do I resolve? Here is the message I get: "Unable to start print job. Is printer available?" This did not happen before the update and I cannot do anything to make it change. I also cannot re-update. Or do a repair. I've also tried to reinstall the printer. Any ideas?