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    Unable to print - HELP!

      I've searched through this forum and seen several users posting about the same problem, but no solution offered - can anyone help?

      I've upgraded to Adobe Reader 8 on a system running Windows XP Media with a local HP psc 1317. Since the upgrade whenever I try to print a pdf document I get a message saying "Before you can perform print related tasks such as page setup or printing a document, you must install a printer".

      No print dialog box appears at all.

      I've tried un-installing Adobe Reader 8 and installing an older version - but the problem doesn't go away.

      I've completely reinstalled the printer drivers and that also does not solve the problem.

      At my wits end - any suggestions welcome!!
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          I am also unable to print pdf documents ever since upgrading to Adobe Reader 8.1.1, the message says that it cannot locate a printer. All other programs print normally. I am also unable to remove Adobe Reader and try again. I get the message that "This patch cannot be removed".

          Please advise what to do.